Hikmah Institute is a nonprofit and nonpolitical educational institute dedicated to dedicated to propagation of the divine teachings of Islam to bring about a positive change in our society through Ilm, Da’wah, Islah and Khidhmah.

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Our Leadership

Hikmah Institute is operating under the patronage of the highly revered Shaykh-ul-Islam - Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. Under the Shaykh is a diverse board comprised of likeminded and respected Islamic scholars, academics and businessmen. The patron aided by the board provide strategic guidance in all aspects to the management team of the institute.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Board Member

Mufti Umair Feroz

Board Member

Mufti Muhammad Zahid

Board Member

Shabbir Kassim

Board Member

Amanullah Kassim

Board Member

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