Hikmah Institute is a nonprofit and nonpolitical educational institute dedicated to dedicated to propagation of the divine teachings of Islam to bring about a positive change in our society through Ilm, Da’wah, Islah and Khidhmah.

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Darse Nizami / Aalim

  /  Darse Nizami / Aalim

Darse Nizami / Aalim


About this course

Darse Nizami / Aalim

This is an 8-year Aalimiyah course designed by Wifaq-ul-Madaaris. Hikmah Institute is registered with Wifaq and prepares its students to sit the yearly Wifaq exams. The course prepares the students for advanced skills required to specialize in selected branches of Deen including Quran, Hadith and Fiqh.

Weekday: 7.00pm to 10pm | Weekend : 6pm to 10pm

Quranic Studies Course


Free of Cost

Hikmah Institute, 3rd floor, Ronaq Trade Tower, Shahrah e Quaideen, PECHS Block 2, Karachi

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